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American Tribute

Click here for the Tribute to America

Letter From Boeing

Click here for the Letter From Boeing

Stand Up America - Eagle Tears

This FREE electronic book is a dedication to those who have suffered such tragic losses in the recent events in the USA. Our hearts go out to you!

The only purpose of this book is to help those in need find useful information and resources quicker. It is hoped - in some small way - that this resource helps to ease peoples pain, deal with their problems and get on with their lives.

This book is also a statement of support. It has been written to help those who need to know that it is not only Americans who have shed tears on this tragic day. People from all over world have cried and been enraged at this atrocity that has been wrought upon American Citizens, and those who were visiting our country.

September 11, 2001 will be recorded in the history books as the day that brought incredible shock, tears and anger to the nation. Our freedom has been challenged. This act of terrorism has taken a horrid toll upon all our people, many are still in shock over this unforgivable disregard for human life.

This book is filled with resources where you can find help, look for missing loved ones, and where you can donate to help with this cause.

Eagle Tears e-book
Eagle Tears e-book

Targeting Terror

This presentation is provided by MSNBC.

Click here to see the presentation.

The Darkest Day

This movie presentation is provided by MSNBC.

Click here to see the movie.

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